mandy-workingAlfred Stieglitz, the father of art photography, wanted to make photographs that felt like music.  That’s how I fee about my sculpture, drawing with fire – metal into liquid, steel to sea foam and birds in flight.

Exhibitions ::
1976 World Glass Now, Corning Museum of Glass, NY
1979 Goddard College, VT
1986 San Jose State, CA
1988 Compositions Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1988 Primitivo Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1989 Artoptions Gallery, San Francisco, CA
1989 New Glass Review 10, Corning Museum of Glass, NY
1990 Del Mano Gallery, Los Angeles & Pasadena, CA
1991-93 Il Giardino Dell’Arte, Bologna, Italy
1995 La Llorna, Santa Cruz Museum, CA
2004 Santa Cruz Art Tour
2005 Rust Show, Santa Cruz
2005 Cabrillo College
2008-11 Sculpture IS, Sierra Azul, CA
2007 & 2008, 2011 Open Studios, Santa Cruz

Why ::
Because I don’t have any choice. The muse wakes me at 3am with her fingers around my throat and says, “Make art or die.” So far I have chosen to live. I do my best to rise to her expectations – going to bold and challenging bolder. This is scary thrilling stuff.  Working with fire is thrilling.  Creating lace and delicate designs out of harsh metal is very fulfilling.

How ::
The metal work –  Cut from sheets of hot rolled steel with a plasma cutter (a modern miracle of an electric arc cutting tool). The surface detailing is arc welding, sometimes with stainless electrodes. Then the piece is thoroughly polished and painted. Detailing, such as leather is added at the end.

Who ::
Mandy Spitzer b. 1955
1972 Instituto Allende, Mexico – glass
1977 Visual Studies Workshop, NY – photography
1977 Rochester Institute of Technology, NY – glass
1978 Rhode Island School of Design, RI – photography
1979 Goddard College, VT – BA
1984-86 San Jose State College, CA – glass
1987, 2000-04 Cabrillo College, CA – welding

Thanks ::
Beginning with my first “In Yr Face” art teachers– Bill Happel and Jeff Weiss – a big shout out. All the amazing and inspirational artists I have encountered in my voyages around the world. Practical help big time from Ali Amercupan of Cabrillo College Welding Dept. Victor Schiffrin – for love and photos.